Our mission is to introduce into the international markets, Colombian Vegetable Coal of excellent quality. Achieving this through the integral management of international commercialization, which would allow the sustainability and strengthening of excellent commercial relations with our clients. Constructing everyday beneficial relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

We plan to become an international commercializer of Vegetable Coal. Our plan is to become leaders in Latin America, and to be recognized throughout the world for our product quality and excellent commercial relationships. Our goal is to maintain a serious commitment with the preservation of the natural resources and the environment, guaranteeing the sustainability of a long term production. Our company intends to contribute to the economical and social development of our country fostering employment and improving the quality of life of the people through the maximization of the international commerce activities.

Barranquilla, known as the Colombian Golden Gate, is the most industrialized city of the Colombian Caribbean. It is located strategically on the basins of the Magdalena river, in front of the Caribbean Sea. Its appropriate industrial and communications infrastructure, have positioned it as number one in sea and river transportation in Colombia.

Its Sea and River Port, is one of the ports located on the upmost northern part of the South American Continent , the second largest in the country and the biggest in the Colombian Atlantic Coast.Barranquilla without doubt is located strategically. Its geographical position, allows it to have competitive advantages, specially for the external commerce. All these characteristics of exporting platform has made of Barranquilla an industrial zone in permanent growth.