The product offered is Top Quality Vegetable Coal, produced in the Colombian Caribbean. This product is mainly obtained from the timber of native trees (Trupillo, Quebracho, Granadillo, Guacamayo and Aromo), harvested throughout the Colombian Caribbean region. These trees come from the Colombian Northern Region, mainly from the departments of La Guajira, Magdalena, Atlantico and Bolivar, geographical region characterized for its dry woods which proliferate this type of trees. The timber from these native trees is characterized for its high density and excellent coal quality from which is obtained.

Quebracho:This hardwood tree, native of the sub-tropic regions, supplies one of the most durable and heavy timbers. This tree is found in most parts of the world but specially in the tropics Trupillo: is the source of a very special hard wood which is naturally aged for many years and used to produce unique pieces. It is found in hot and semi-desertic regions

This timber is dense and highly lignified which favors an appropriate carbonization process. Throughout this process it is possible to obtain a final product that suits the desired specifications. The following timbers are used on the following proportions:







Granadillo, guacamayo, aromo, otros


The transformation process is carried out in half moon pit ovens. The characteristics of this process allow the final product to reach the appropriate carbonization degree.

Maximun Humidity: 6-8%

Fixed Carbonic Range: 80 %

Incandescence Time: 4 hours

Minimum Coal Dust : 3%

The company works with two main types of packaging:

20kg. BAGS: This type of material allows the necessary resistance for the handling of the product. It is made up of an internal covering of polyethylene which isolate it from humidity and other external agents that could afect its quality. Its sealing is made up with a double thread seam in one color, according with the specifications requested by the client. Under this packaging specifications it is possible to ship 1100 bags of 20 Kg each, inside 40 feet containers, amounting a load of 22 tons per container.

300Kg. BAGS: This type of packaging uses polipropylene bags with the following dimensions: base 90 x 90 cm (35,5 x 35,5 in.) and height 110 cm (43,5 in.). It has openings on both, the inferior and the superior ends, which allows the filling and emptying proceses to be carried out conveniently. It also has four handles in its corners for a proper manipulation.


are ideal for the 3, 5, 10 and 18 kg, packages. It allows a greater variety in the packaging printing, allowing more flexibility to the client demands. This type of package is sealed with a creppe film with a double seam in cotton thread. Aware of the huge variety in terms of packaging we are also eager to satisfy the demands and requirements for other type of packaging.